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Make Your Contribution, a Difference 


IVAS was founded by Minyan Hiam, who previously ran a successful international trade and investment company. With a strong passion for sustainable international education, Minyan leverages her extensive experience in higher education project management and partnerships to shape IVAS. Currently, she is a visiting lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts, developing a predoctoral programme centred around creative practice-based research design.

She is a firm believer in lifelong learning and is pursuing her doctoral studies at the University of Bristol, with research interests in Intercultural Communication for Sustainable Global Partnerships. More information about her research is available upon request.

IVAS founder Minyan Hiam

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AD) for IVAS serves a pivotal role in furnishing guidance and support. Comprising two co-chairs and ten members, each equipped with substantial industry experience, the AD brings forth valuable insights and solutions to advance IVAS. Mirroring the AHRC advisory board's approach, the AD convenes semi-annually, providing input and advice on key strategic decisions, facilitating the identification of new growth opportunities, and offering guidance to the Managing Director and other staff.

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Our members, drawn from diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds, each specialize in unique fields of expertise. Together, they actively contribute to fostering growth and fostering meaningful collaborations within our community.

IVAS Advisory Board
Vlasios Sarantinos

University of the West of England

IVAS Advisory Board
Sandeep Khanna

Better Versions

Founder & CEO

IVAS Advisory Board
Kate Barnard

Enjoy the Air


IVAS Advisory Board
Dr Jane Shen

University of Exeter

Director of Education and Student Experience

IVAS Advisory Board
Vincent Wen

China Power International Holding Limited

Deputy Director

IVAS Advisory Board
Olga M. Fernández


Executive Assistant

IVAS Advisory Board
Dr Zhidong Xiao

Bournemouth University

Deputy Head of Department

IVAS Advisory Board
Dr Agung Nugroho

President University

Lecturer for Engish for Specific Purposes

IVAS Advisory Board
Shivang Gupta

Product Develoment Director

IVAS Advisory Board
Minyan Hiam



IVAS Advisory Board
Dr Wai Mun Lim

University of Plymouth

Director of Professional Doctorates

IVAS Advisory Board
Boya Li

Western Sydney University

PhD Student

IVAS Interns and Volunteers
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