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Unlock a world of opportunities with our IVAS community membership starting at just £15 a year. Experience a deeper connection with our members and expand your network with complimentary access to exciting events, thought-provoking talks, exclusive discounts, and more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect and grow with us!
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Would you like your name to be published as an IVAS Supporter?

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  • About the use of your contribution
    IVAS is committed to utilizing the funds raised in a responsible and impactful manner that aligns with our mission and goals. The funds are primarily used to support and enhance the programs and initiatives that empower international artists and social scientists, promote knowledge exchange, and foster cultural understanding. Specifically, the funds raised are allocated towards the following areas: Program Development: We allocate funds to develop and expand our range of programs, seminars, workshops, and events that facilitate international knowledge exchange, artistic collaborations, and interdisciplinary dialogue. Scholarships and Grants: A portion of the funds is dedicated to providing scholarships and grants to talented individuals, enabling them to pursue their artistic and scholarly endeavors, participate in academic visiting programs, and engage in research and creative projects. Resources and Facilities: We invest in essential resources, materials, and equipment to create an inspiring and supportive environment for our community members. This includes updating and maintaining our physical spaces, digital platforms, and technological infrastructure. Outreach and Awareness: We allocate funds towards raising awareness about the contributions of international academic visitors in innovation, research, and development. This includes marketing efforts, promotional campaigns, and public engagement activities aimed at showcasing the impact and importance of our community's work. Professional Development: We prioritize the professional development of our members by offering training, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Funds are allocated to organize workshops, seminars, and conferences that foster learning, skill-building, and career advancement. Collaboration and Partnerships: We dedicate funds to foster sustainable partnerships globally, promoting meaningful encounters and collaborations. This includes supporting in-country collaborative visits, events, and networking initiatives that strengthen international connections and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Administrative and Operational Expenses: A portion of the funds raised is allocated towards essential administrative and operational expenses, ensuring the smooth functioning of IVAS and its programs. We are committed to transparency and accountability in the use of funds, regularly reporting on their allocation and impact to our donors and the wider community. Through responsible financial management and strategic resource allocation, we aim to maximize the positive impact of the funds raised and further our mission of empowering our community members in the field of art, design, culture, and humanities.
  • IVAS Fundraising Policy
    IVAS is committed to implementing a transparent and ethical fundraising policy to ensure the integrity and accountability of our organization. Our fundraising policy is guided by the following principles: Donor Privacy and Confidentiality: We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our donors. Personal information is securely handled and protected, and we adhere to all applicable data protection laws. Ethical Fundraising Practices: We engage in fundraising activities that uphold ethical standards and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. We do not engage in any activities that may compromise the reputation or values of IVAS. Diversity and Inclusion: We strive to ensure that our fundraising efforts are inclusive and diverse, welcoming donors from various backgrounds. We actively promote equal opportunities and avoid discrimination in all fundraising activities. Financial Accountability: We are committed to responsible financial management and stewardship of funds received. Donations are used for the intended purposes and are allocated in a transparent and accountable manner. Donor Recognition and Stewardship: We appreciate and value our donors' contributions and ensure proper recognition and stewardship. We communicate with donors regularly, providing updates on the impact of their support and demonstrating gratitude for their generosity. Partnerships and Collaboration: We seek to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, individuals, and institutions to maximize the impact of our fundraising efforts and ensure the effective use of resources. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements: We comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing fundraising activities, including fundraising licensing, reporting, and disclosure requirements. Our fundraising policy serves as a guiding framework for all fundraising activities undertaken by IVAS, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical practices throughout the fundraising process.
  • Privacy and Data Protection
    Currently in development
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