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IVAS Mission Statement


Make your contribution, a difference...

The Centre for International Visiting Artists and Scholars (IVAS) is a dynamic non-profit organisation dedicated to amplifying the influence and significance of its members in the realms of Art & Design, Culture, and Humanities. IVAS brings together a diverse community of accomplished artists and scholars possess rich international experience and share common interests.

Key Elements of Our Mission:

  • Develop a Supportive Network: IVAS strives to create a strong and supportive network of visiting artists and scholars, providing them with a platform to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. We aim to nurture a community that thrives on shared experiences and knowledge by fostering meaningful relationships among our members.

  • Connect Members and Institutions: At IVAS, we recognize the importance of facilitating connections between our members and institutions that align with their interests and expertise. By fostering these connections, we aim to create opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and mutual growth.

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  • Raise Awareness: We are committed to raising awareness of the invaluable contributions made by international academic visitors to innovation, research, and development. Through advocacy and promotion, we seek to highlight the positive impact that international scholars and artists bring to their respective fields.

  • Promote Sustainable Partnerships: IVAS believes in the power of meaningful encounters and collaborations to drive sustainable partnerships globally. By fostering dialogue and facilitating connections, we aim to cultivate long-lasting relationships that lead to impactful collaborations and cross-cultural understanding.

  • Assist in Project-Based Pedagogical Research: IVAS supports project-based pedagogical research and inquiry into creative education. We strive to provide resources and assistance to our members in their research endeavors, promoting innovation and advancing the field of creative education.


We set out below objectives to fulfil our mission:

  • Foster a dynamic platform for global knowledge exchange, enabling individuals to share ideas, experiences, and expertise across borders.

  • Organize and manage a diverse range of seminars, workshops, and debates, both in-person and virtually, to promote cultural understanding and facilitate professional growth.

  • Provide comprehensive guidance and support to individuals seeking to become academic visitors overseas, including Southeast Asia, the UK, the US, and future destinations to be announced.

  • Establish a mentor-mentee programme and facilitate peer support networks to enhance the visiting experience, fostering positive interactions and personal development.

  • Offer expert assistance, advice, and collaboration in planning and executing in-country collaborative visits, events, and networking opportunities.

  • Actively engage in and contribute to projects initiated by members of IVAS (International Visitors and Scholars), providing support, resources, and expertise as needed.

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