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Academic Visitor Programme (AVP)

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The Academic Visitor Programme (AVP) offers a unique opportunity for academics, scholars and higher education professionals from various research backgrounds to engage in a collaborative and meaningful experience. 

Designed to facilitate global knowledge transfer and cross-disciplinary dialogue, this programme invites university educators, academics and professional support services staff to join our AVP for a period min. 3 months and max. 12 months.

During your visit to one of our partner institutions, academic visitors will have the chance to interact with a lead mentor and peers in their field, as well as scholars from diverse disciplines, encouraging the exploration of new ideas and perspectives.

The programme aims to facilitate research partnerships, collaborative projects, and the sharing of expertise. Academic visitors are encouraged to contribute to our academic environment through seminars, workshops, and lectures, enriching the intellectual discourse within our institution.

This programme serves as a bridge between institutions, connections that extend beyond geographical boundaries and advance the pursuit of knowledge on a global landscape.

It is free to register your interest with us here and enjoy a free 30-minute consultation with an expert to plan ahead!

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