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Winter Illustration Masterclass 2024

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the IVAS Winter Illustration Masterclass 2024 led by Darryl Clifton, who is an educator, researcher, illustrator and currently the Illustration Programme Director at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon College, University of the Arts London

Recognition also goes to Linlin Pan, a UAL MA alumna in Illustration and Visual Media, whose invaluable contributions enhanced the masterclass experience and supported Darryl throughout the programme.

This bespoke hybrid masterclass series provided an enriching three-week interaction, equipping high school students with essential skills and critical thinking abilities crucial for their progression to higher education, particularly in Illustration. 

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of this fantastic programme, with plans to expand its reach to other creative disciplines and extend it to teacher training. By embracing globally connected pedagogy and celebrating cultural diversity, we aim to further enrich the teaching and learning experience and knowledge exchange.

The positive impact of this programme has been felt across academia, among students and within the network. Please do slide through to view insightful feedback and comments. 

Chinchin to this and to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

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