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Welcome Sophie to the Team!

Sophie is a History of Art and Spanish graduate from the University of Bristol who, is driven by a passion for cultural affairs and creativity. Her ambition to contribute to IVAS' mission of global connection and community is going to set her up for success in a bright future at IVAS!

Sophie shares that:

"My academic journey has equipped me with a discerning eye for the nuances of global art and culture. I am thrilled to infuse my creativity and academic drive into the rich tapestry of ideas that IVAS cultivates. This internship, for me, is not just a professional opportunity; it's a pathway to personal and career growth. I foresee it as a catalyst for honing my skills, expanding my global network, and contributing meaningfully to the intersection of arts, culture, and science. IVAS's emphasis on global connection perfectly aligns with my aspirations, and I look forward to being an integral part of a community that values collaboration and creativity."

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