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Welcome Katie to IVAS!

Katie is a final-year student reading Sociology at the University of Bristol. She enjoys immersing herself in the study of social patterns, interactions, and cultural norms that shape human behaviour. In her academic pursuits, she has cultivated a robust analytical framework, empowering her to dissect and comprehend the intricacies of societal structures and their impact on individuals and communities. This foundational knowledge has played a pivotal role in fueling her passion for creating engaging social media content.

Katie reflects that:

"My degree has taught me to appreciate the power of communication and the role it plays in forging social connections and influencing public discourse. With this knowledge, I have honed my skills in content creation, aiming to produce material that not only captures attention but also stimulates conversation and interaction among diverse audiences. I am particularly drawn to the dynamic nature of social media, where each platform serves as a unique conduit for sharing ideas, sparking dialogue, and building networks. 
At IVAS, I am eager to apply my sociological insights and creative flair to develop content that resonates with our audience. My goal is to craft messages that are not only informative and relevant but also inspire active engagement and foster a sense of community.
Through my contributions, I aspire to enhance IVAS's online presence and support our mission to connect and empower individuals through the power of social media."

Welcome to the team Katie!

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