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UCA International Webinar: Preparing for a PhD Application Interview

17 August 2023 13:00 (UK Time) Online: Zoom Register

Most PhD applications include an interview that offers an opportunity for you to discuss your research project in more detail with the supervisory panel.

During this webinar, Dr. Susan Ryland & Minyan Hiam willl provide you with a valuable glimpse into the interview process and the kinds of questions that are likely to be asked during the interview. It is an important opportunity for you to demonstrate your potential as an academic researcher. You will receive practical tips, strategies and examples that will help you craft and articulate your responses.

This webinar is suitable for individuals who:

  • Need to prepare for a PhD application interview

  • Want to better demonstrate their research knowledge

  • Seek advice on communicating ideas effectively

  • Have difficulty in understanding and answering questions confidently

Key takeaways:

  • A list of interview questions

  • An introduction to interview techniques

  • Developing a positive mindset prior to and during the interview

  • Some tips for understanding and managing your nerves

To attend, please register by visiting UCA events page here

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