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Thank You, Silvia

We would like to thank Silvia for her valuable contribution towards IVAS and our work. Silvia was studying for a Master's in Political Economics at The University of Manchester while she worked for IVAS. She was a great asset to the team and we are incredibly grateful for her work, we wish her luck in her Master's degree and her future career!

Silvia shared some words about her time with IVAS:

“My time as a volunteer at IVAS has been both meaningful and enjoyable, offering me valuable insights into social media management and poster design. Operating the WeChat official account has sharpened my skills in using professional tools like Canva and Xiumi, enabling me to create engaging WeChat posts and visually appealing posters. This journey has improved my ability to convey information effectively and authentically while crafting visual narratives.

In reflection, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to IVAS for providing me with this invaluable opportunity and allowing me to venture into new possibilities across diverse fields. While I now turn my focus toward pursuing a Ph.D., necessitating a temporary pause in my role., I am committed to remaining an integral part of the IVAS community. I look forward to continuing to contribute and stay connected within this dynamic and supportive community.”

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