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Meet Our Amazing Intern!

Yasmine Khelfa is an architect pursuing a master’s degree in marketing at the University of the West of England. She is passionate about learning new languages and developing new skills. Yasmine is thrilled to join IVAS as an intern and apply her academic knowledge in market research and communication to help develop IVAS. 

Yasmine shares that:

"My academic journey has equipped me with a toolbox of marketing techniques and instilled in me a sense of creativity and adaptability. I believe in the power of storytelling through marketing and am thrilled to craft narratives that will amplify the centre’s mission and offerings. 
Joining this esteemed organization as an intern is not just a professional opportunity but also a chance to immerse myself in the world of international artists and scholars, fostering cultural exchange and intellectual growth. 
I am excited to bring my blend of analytical acumen and creative flair to the team, collaborating with professionals who share a passion for fostering cross-cultural connections. Together, we will not only showcase the excellence of the centre but also resonate deeply with our diverse audience, creating lasting impressions in the world of international art and scholarship."

Welcome to the team Yasmine!

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