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Meet Bella - IVAS Volunteer!

Bella is a final-year student studying Psychology in Education at the University of Bristol.

Passionate about the intersections of art, mental health, and equality in education, she has navigated a rewarding international academic journey. Her exploration has delved into critical discussions surrounding educational, social, philosophical, and psychological topics, cultivating not only a deep understanding but also technical proficiency in data collection and analysis tools such as SPSS.

She is a keen contributor, involving active participation in volunteer work and part-time roles in education-focused settings like schools and NGOs. Her creativity can be expressed through my interests in photography, artwork creation and video editing. 

Bella shares that:

As a volunteer at IVAS, my objective is to apply these project management skills, contributing to IVAS’s mission of amplifying the influence of art, design, culture, and humanities. I am eager to continue learning through new experiences and collaboratively foster a creative environment within the IVAS community.

Welcome to IVAS!

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