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Bidding farewell to Yasmine

Yasmine Kelhfa is now concluding her time with IVAS as an intern. The role, funded by the University of West England (UWE), provided 148 hours of internship over the last 4 months. This fantastic scheme enables students to learn new skills and gain experience and confidence in a real-world business setting while pursuing their degree.

Minyan Hiam comments:

It has been such a meaningful experience for me to be Yasmine’s mentor and colleague. Yasmine’s enthusiasm to learn has made a difference not only in her personal growth but also in IVAS’s CPD projects. Her perspectives have contributed to a positive and dynamic company culture. She is now ready to embark on a new professional journey, prepared with the skills and connections she has gained from the team. I wish her all the very best in her future endeavours. Though it is a farewell, it is not goodbye, as she will always be part of the IVAS community.

Yasmine reflected on her time with us:

“As I conclude my Internship in International Education Market Research and Coordination at IVAS, I would like to express my gratitude for the valuable experience it has provided. Every task, from market research on UK doctorate programs to organising databases and honing design skills with Canva, has contributed to my professional growth.

I am grateful for the trust that IVAS has placed in me and the supportive environment that has facilitated my learning. As I move ahead, I will carry with me the lessons learned and the connections made. I am committed to supporting IVAS's mission and remaining a part of the IVAS family.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute and grow during my time at IVAS."

A huge thank you to the team in UWE Careers and Enterprise and Yasmine for being part of this collective growth journey!

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