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Walking Container Project

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Walking Container Project

The project aims to bring together the strengths of international higher education institutions and leverage multi-channel resources to foster innovation and design activities among teaching staff and students worldwide. 

By utilising containers as the building blocks, this project will create a visually stunning exhibition space that showcases the achievements of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative while promoting cultural appreciation and sustainable partnerships between China and countries along the route. Ultimately, collaborations in this project will help build a positive national image. 

Themes: The aspects of the commercial and cultural display of countries along the “Chongqing - Xinjiang - Europe” railway will be central to the project. Through intelligent design and artistic expression, this design project integrates architecture, landscape, sculpture and intelligent machinery to create an immersive, technology-driven exhibition space and it is organised around four themes to illustrate the identity and diversity of the countries along the route: Craftsmanship - highlights the particular manufacturing industries of each country, showcasing the progressiveness of brand technology and the uniqueness of their products. Festivity - celebrates the solar terms and other cultural characteristics of each country and its national cultural symbols. Gastronomy - emphasises the different tastes of the food of each nation, presenting a container display space for the gastronomical cultural experience. Tourism - promoting the outstanding touristic destinations of each country, creating a container display space for the promotion of domestic tourist attractions.

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