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Unsung Artists: Creativity Unlocked

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Unsung Artists: Creativity Unlocked

We celebrate and embrace individuals with artistic and design interests and talents, regardless of whether you identify yourselves as professional artists or designers. We believe that creativity knows no boundaries and artistic expression can be found in various forms beyond traditional artistry. Whether you are a seasoned designer, a hobbyist or simply have a flair for creative work, this event offers you a space to showcase your talents, connect with a network of (un)like-minded and explore new avenues for artistic growth. 

Date: July 2025 

Venue: to be confirmed We are currently in discussion with organisations and institutions to raise funds to bring this project to life and are thrilled to share more details with you soon. Keep an eye out for further information and sign up for our newsletter here to receive updates. We are incredibly excited and can’t wait to share this journey with you! If you wish to sponsor or/and take part, please contact us!

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