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Tracing the Origins of Watercolour - 水彩画溯源

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Tracing the Origins of Watercolour - 水彩画溯源

This project is part of a series of Watercolour-themed collaborations with aimed outcomes of: 

  • 2 online discussions; 

  • 1 in-person panel discussion; 

  • artist in residence opportunity in China; 

  • summer residential programme in the UK as well as presents a unique chance for publication, allowing you to share your journey with a wider audience. 


Divergence and Confluence of Chinese and British Watercolour Painting 


We explore the historical roots and evolutionary paths of watercolour painting in both Chinese and British art traditions. By sharing the unique techniques, styles and cultural influences that have shaped these two distinct expressions, we aim to gain a deeper appreciation of the artistic heritage behind each watercolour tradition. This comparative study sheds light on how these diverse influences have contributed to the development and divergence of watercolour as an expressive medium. 

Watercolour Portrait Creation in an International Context 


Here, we look into the world of watercolour portraiture within an international context, examining how different cultures, aesthetics and artistic philosophies influence the creation of portraits. Through the exploration of various artists’ works and techniques, we seek to understand how watercolours can capture the essence of a subject, transcending cultural boundaries and communicating emotions and personality. This discussion offers valuable insights into the university and cultural nuances of watercolour portrait creation. 

Comparative Construction of Portrait Drawing Pedagogy in China and British Higher Arts Education 


We investigate the approaches and methodologies employed in portrait drawing and painting pedagogy at arts universities in both China and the UK. By exchanging notes on the curricular structures, teaching techniques and learning outcomes, we aim to identify similarities and differences in the pedagogical methods used to teach watercolour. It will contribute to the enrichment of drawing techniques by highlighting effective practices and innovative approaches from diverse cultural and educational perspectives.

We are currently securing funding for making this project happen and please sign up for our Newsletter here if you wish to be the first to know!

We would like to extend our invitation to individuals, institutions and companies that wishes to make a contribution, sponsor, partner with us or support this project. Please contact us here.

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