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Mindfulness Conversations

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Mindfulness Conversations

Hosted by Minyan and shared by Leslie and Breeze, we want to explore the ways in which chance encounters and unexpected events have led to new techniques, materials, and ideas in Tangka art not only as an art form but also as a powerful form of healing. We will be hearing from Leslie and Breeze who will share some of their insights and practice on the mindfulness and cultural significance of Tangka art, and how it continues to inspire many people around the world and of different disciplines. 

We hope to provide a new perspective on the relationship between serendipity and creativity, and how they can come together to produce something truly magnificent. 

About the speakers: 

Leslie Nguyen Temple, is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in social psychology, anthropology, and art therapy. With a passion for creativity and healing, Leslie has explored different forms of art, including Tibetan Thangka painting and silk appliqué images. Her interest in these art forms was sparked during her time living and working in Tibet from 1992 to 1997. Before this, she studied with fellow artist and teacher Terris Temple and together they had the privilege of working to re-create large-scale lost heritage art for the Tsurphu monastery- which is the seat of one of the main lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Alongside her artistic pursuits, Leslie is also a long-term practitioner of yoga, which she has been teaching since 2005 incorporating her knowledge of body-based mindfulness. Her unique blend of interests and experiences has led her to explore the intersection of art, embodied mindfulness, and healing. With an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of creativity, Leslie is inspired by the innate potential of individuals. 

Breeze Chungeng Dong, is an executive and business coach, currently serving as an enterprise agile coach in the pharmaceutical industry. She is passionate about integrating her various facets of business insights with the art of paradigm shift in complex systems. 

Meanwhile, she follows her flow of energy to bring more integral organisational practices in OD, leadership development, and coaching. She aspires to create space for authentic, mindful and purposeful organisations. Breeze has a master’s in industrial engineering and over a decade of experience in various leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies. She’s currently based in Switzerland.

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