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Artist in Residence International (ARI)

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Artist in Residence International (ARI)

Our Artist in Residence International ARI) initiative is designed to facilitate dialogues and knowledge transfer among artists, practitioners and creative educators.

We transcend geographical, ethnic and disciplinary boundaries, promoting meaningful collaborations that deepen understanding and catalyse innovative projects in arts, culture and social sciences.

Who is ARI for? Ideal for artists, practitioners, educators and professionals in higher education seeking diverse perspectives.

Key benefits of participation Participating in the ARI projects offers a transformative experience that allows:

  • Creative immersion: Allowing yourself a reflective space for artistic and professional exploration.

  • Inspiring environment: Drawing inspiration from new surroundings, food, languages, traditions and landscapes that infuse your knowledge and gain access to new materials, resources and facilities that might not be available in your usual setting.

  • Networking and collaborative opportunities: Collaboration with fellow artists, cultural practitioners and local communities, sharing techniques, philosophies and concepts to broaden your understanding and perspectives.

  • Exhibition opportunities: At the end of your residency, you will have the opportunity to exhibit your work in open studios or public presentations, providing platforms to showcase your creation.

Specifications Residents accepted in the ARI by our partner institution are expected to provide IVAS with:

  • Weekly blog update for publication on IVAS social media.

  • One lecture or presentation about their practice.

  • One workshop for disadvantaged communities (details to be discussed).

  • Engagement with the general public during a ‘Creativity Unlocked Day’.

  • Relevant materials/images/reflections/testimonials for an annual magazine.

Please note that we are working closely with our host institutions to resume the ARI project impacted by the pandemic and will publish hosts' information and requirements for participating. We act as programme facilitators and cultural strategists and don’t assess applications.

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